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  1. Beauty, babies & internet

    Beauty, babies & internet

    Looking at beautiful things make me happy; paintings, sculptures and hand-crafted furniture inspire and fulfill me.
    However the most beautiful thing was having my own babies (even though my daughter was initally a bit cross-eyed). I was fascinated by the looks and behaviour of my children from birth and still enjoy seeing them evolve day by day. Already at pregnancy I wanted to give them the best, within the available means of course.

    Other than buying diapers, wipes and formula, shopping for your baby should be exciting and rewarding; i.e. very different from running errants in the supermarket. Especially those items which are more expensive - baby gear such as cots, strollers, car seats, high chairs rockers and boucers - and have to last for a few years should be selected with love and care, based on features, design and durability.

    Very few retailers in Singapore offer the ambiance and portfolio to discover and explore a wide range of baby gear. Mostly it is overpriced as they have to mark-up for expensive rental and staffing costs. Events at expo are more and more focussed on maximizing the revenues and clearing stocks. Don't expect to get in-depth advise if the sales person has a target and wants to direct you to the cashier as soon as possible. And if you are offered a very good deal, make sure the item hasn't been kept in a warehouse for a few years.

    The internet should be a tool to find products and become excited and educated. However you have to visit too many different websites to get there. The local brand representatives do their best to operate websites covering their brands, but e-commerce is not their expertise. Product range is very limited and user-experience rather poor.As they hardly see their webstes generating any revenues, they will neglect and stop maintaining them. Although some e-com marketplaces do offer baby gear, it is not necessarily at better prices and they lack the expertise to add relevant information to the products. As the contents is uploaded by the vendors and quality control is lacking, customers will be confronted by a lot of inconsistencies and errors; 'garbage in, garbage out'. What is worse is that those market places do NOT block parallel imported products!

    As a consumer, wouldn't you want to visit just one 'expert baby gear' website, covering all major brands, surprising and educating you, while being sure that the products are AUTHENTIC and NOT parallel imported so you can enjoy the original warranty and service?
    It took us a while and it is still a work in progress. I believe however that our 'Baby & Kid's Fair' comes as close as can be to give you a 'Pasarbella' rather than a 'Pasar Malam' experience.

    Enjoy exploring our site and feel free to give us feedback and SHARE it.

    With LOVE from Kristal

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  2. Visiting Expo for baby stuff?

    Visiting Expo for baby stuff?


    During the last few years, we have witnessed more and more expo's for baby stuff in Singapore. Now the customer can enjoy a wide range of products at affordable prices.

    As with every phenomenon that becomes popular, there is a risk of overdoing it. And that is exactly what happened in my opinion.
    Expo's must be a win-win for both customer and vendor to sustain. When the vendor has to spend more on rental and pay OT to compensate its tired staff for working in the weekend,, the cost goes up. As Singapore is a small market and Expo's are hardly visited by tourists or by expats, total revenue of doing more expo does not increase anymore and expo's start cannibalizing each other. For the vendor: 'working harder and spending more, for less".

    So how can the prices still go down 70, 80 or more percent as advertised by some organizers? The truth is that only some product prices are slashed substantially compared to 'list' prices, i.e. prices that were never applied in the first place. Those are the products that were overstocked and/or on the shelf or in the warehouse for too long. Clearance sale via expo is the vendor's only chance to get some cach back, even when it is sold at a loss.

    If you look for branded products that are in demand or latest arrivals, you would still pay a 'normal' price and at best receive a free gift.

    Morale of the story:
    Please visit expo and enjoy the low prices of some products if you set out to buy them in the first place. Do NOT end up purchasing products simply because they are cheap, or the vendor is desperate to sell it to you.

    Prepare yourself with a list of items, brands and models that you are looking for and if not available at Expo, buy them elsewhere!

    With Love from Kristal

    * picture from YourSingapore

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  3. Reviews of the Service provided by our Company

    Reviews of the Service provided by our Company

    Great that you can review products featured on our website.

    Now you can also review how you perceived our service.

    After every delivery, an independent third party - Kiyoh - will send you an email onn our behalf to ask your opinion.

    They will accumulate the review rating and display an average score

    I am pleased to have received the first review.

    You can view the rating on our ABOUT page.

    Didn't receive an email to review and ordered products from us, feel free to click 'Review this Company'

    With Love from Kristal

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  4. What's NEW?

    What's NEW?

    Some people always ask: 'how much?'
    I am more interested in 'what's new?'

    Well, if you like to go out with your kids to the Botanic Gardens or East Coast Park, have a look at the 'Entourage':

    * Not yet available in or outside USA.



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  5. Reviews of baby products

    Reviews of baby products

    Wouldn't it be great to find out what other customers like or don't like about certain baby products?

    Customers who have purchased a product from will now automatically receive an email from Yotpo, an independent product review collection company.

    Once they have replied, their opinion will be added to that particular product.

    Reviewing our Company and Service is another topic and I will touch upon that shortly.

    With LOVE from Kristal

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  6. Time: we cannot have enough of it > shop Instagram

    Time: we cannot have enough of it > shop Instagram

    As browsing for products may cost time, some customers suggested that they prefer to purchase from Instagram. Just look at the picture, comment your email address, or click on the link in the BIO to purchase.

    We have listened and launched our Instagram shop today. More products will be listed shortly.
    Go @onlinebabyfair on Instagram and check it out.


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  7. Planning pays off

    Planning pays off

    Introduction 'Early-B' deals

    Way before baby comes out, you start planning for its arrival. After 3 months and receiving reassurance from your gynecologist, you may be confident enough to start shopping already. And once you know its gender, you really cannot hold it anymore and unleash your baby shopping spree. At least that happened to me when I was pregnant.

    If you have set your eyes on that particular cot, or stroller for your baby, you don't want it to be sold out once baby is born.

    I thought this could be a win-win to both you and the vendor: as you purchase months in advance and want to receive it only just before (or sometimes after) delivery, the vendor gets the money early, can plan the logistics and can offer you a substantial discount. Similar to early booking with low-cost airlines. Of course, you must check whether the vendor is authorised and trustworthy.

    We are pleased to offer our first 'early B' promotion.


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