What is it?


Babies’ developing brains need just as much attention and enrichment as their developing bodies while they are growing during the prenatal months. After all, this is one of the most critical periods of their lives and when they are literally ‘under construction’ to get prepared for the many years to follow.

What Is It? The BabyPlus® Prenatal Education System® is a patented, safe, developmentally appropriate curriculum designed to enrich a child’s cognitive development. These simple, natural sounds are introduced and played at any time after 18 weeks of pregnancy for two one-hour sessions per day. The curriculum is not music or words. The ‘lessons’ are progressive and based on the very sounds of a child’s natural prenatal auditory environment, the maternal heartbeat. In essence, BabyPlus was created in the language of the baby’s earliest surroundings.

Each BabyPlus lesson is composed of sounds that are quite similar to the child’s early surroundings: a simple and natural rhythm similar to the maternal heartbeat. The rhythm increases incrementally with each ongoing lesson, and introduces your child to sequential learning as he or she learns to differentiate between the BabyPlus lesson and the consistent rhythm of the mother’s heartbeat. This ‘auditory exercise’ strengthens early development during the period of time when the advantages will be most significant and long-term. Dr. Mark Pitzer, PhD, writes, “Research shows that a child’s intellectual development is influenced equally by their genetics and the early immediate environment.” This early timeframe spans from the prenatal months to three years of age.

Moms around the world who use BabyPlus during pregnancy consistently report a wide range of benefits. These include: an immediate strong nursing reflex, increased attentiveness, more regular sleep patterns, and later on, strong learning, language and critical thinking skills. Science supports these findings, with comparisons indicating that BabyPlus children reach many developmental and intellectual milestones on time or ahead of their peers. These early milestones are actually direct ‘predictors’ for many of a child’s strengths later in life.

What makes BabyPlus better?

Most parents are well aware that their children can hear at least some of what goes on around them while they are in the womb. Many seek to enrich their child during pregnancy by speaking to them or playing music using headphones and special prenatal sound systems. It is only the lessons of BabyPlus, however, that encourage early comparative learning and discrimination with simple, repetitive and natural sound lessons. The processes encouraged by our proprietary curriculum have measurable, tangible postnatal benefits when compared with just speaking or playing any prenatal music . The BabyPlus lessons were developed with a solid understanding of earliest neuroscience. They have been referred to by researchers as the “language of the womb.”

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