Early learning

Developed by a Malaysian: Mr. KL Wong

Teaching Babies to Read (multiple) languages?

Brillkids offers a portfolio of learning solutions for young children from 4 months and up, guided by their (grand) parent(s).

You can pick from a wide ranges of languages to foster early reading and also math and music.

Each curriculum consists of a structured and incrementally more complex program, with daily lessons (to be played twice a day, max. 7 minutes per session). You will receive a license to install on a MS-Windows Computer*. In addition you can purchase iAccess, an add-on which allows existing license holders to play on smart devices (iOS and Android (languages only). For iAccess to work, you'll need to download Little Reader Touch from the App Store or Google Play.

Brillkids is FUN for you child and EASY for you!

Why Brillkids?

  • keeps the interest of children through inbuilt variety (pictures, fonts and voices) that traditional methods (flash cards, DVD) don't have
  • sessions are short and to the point
  • lessons are structured witht he right balance of repetiton and introduction of new words
  • curriculum is structured from basic to step by step more complex
  • parents just go by day without having to worry about organising/preparing the lessons
  • can be used for more children (in the same family) and keeps track of the lessons per child
  • parents can (optionally) create their own lessons
  • it works, watch the video testimonials
  • is the most effective system at a very affordable price

Brillkids Awards

Brillkids has received many international awards.

Baby Singapore Pte. Ltd. is THE distributor of Brillkids products in Singapore. After purchasing a Brillkids products from this site, we will email you the license key within max. 6 working days. The Brillkids affiliate program, loyalty codes or other Brillkids promotions will NOT apply to products sold on this website.

* Will BrillKids software work for Apple Mac OS users?

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